Types of Cover

Generally, there are two types of car insurance coverage available in India:
Comprehensive Coverage
This insurance provides a better coverage to the third party and the insured. Third party liability cover is available under this and also any damage caused to the car in case of theft, accident, fire or a natural calamity is covered too. When opting for a comprehensive cover, the insured has the choice to opt for some add-on covers as well.
Third Party Liability Coverage
This compensates for any loss caused due to damage to any third-party property or life. Though not the best thing to do, this coverage is for those people who take insurance as it is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Law. Under this cover, no loss to the insured or the car is payable.

Add-On Covers

Zero Depriciation Cover
Under this cover, no depreciation is calculated at the time of a claim. This helps in saving money which would have to be paid by the insured on repair of cars.
No Claim Bonus Protection
With this cover, the insured can enjoy the discount he can get a no claim bonus on his policy even if he has filed a claim.
Return To Invoice
With this cover in the case of total loss, the full insured declared value is given to the insured.
Roadside Assistance
This cover allows assistance in case of emergency causing the insured to be stranded. The cover provides various kinds of assistance like towing facility and taxi benefit in various situations.